Bella Hadid Dyed Her Hair Honey Blonde

Time to see if blondes really do have more fun.

Bella Hadid

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In a year where red dye jobs seemed to reign supreme (from Megan Thee Stallion’s fiery red to Kendall Jenner’s more understated auburn), Bella Hadid further proved that she’s not afraid to go against the grain by switching up her hair with an entirely different — but equally as beloved — new hue: honey blonde.

On Sunday night, the supermodel debuted the hair transformation in the most subtle way by opting for a reveal on her Instagram Story as opposed to posting in her feed. In the video, Hadid added three teddy bears to different points of her face with a filter while making a series of faces at the camera. Captioned, “feeling a little better & a little blonder,” Bella wore a green, sherpa-lined jacket and a silver statement necklace with a turquoise jewel in the video, but all we could focus on was her middle-parted blonde hair. 

Bella Hadid Blonde hair instagram story

Bella Hadid Instagram Story

Although Hadid’s hair switch-up comes just days after she sported platinum blonde hair (which consisted of Marilyn Monroe-inspired chin-length curls) during a shoot for Chaos magazine, her latest reveal comes as even more of a shock considering she dyed her actual hair instead of just wearing a wig. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Bella with honey-blonde hair, however, and she previously lightened her locks to the shade when attending the 2019 MTV VMAs. While the supermodel clearly didn’t keep the look forever — she’s been sporting her signature brunette color for the past few years — she did end up keeping the shade long enough to wear it during a handful of New York Fashion Week shows that September.