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Fast Track Your Way To The Top

PPC / Google Ads for Healthcare Practices

Start getting qualified leads to your website by appearing at the top of search results. Show up above organic results and even above Map results.

Advertise your services to specific eyes

For practices that have zero extra time and spare money to waste on unessential non-paying leads. PPC or Paid Search narrows down your audience and shows your services to people who are ready to pay for them.

Geo-target ads towards clients in your area

Your most likely client may turn out to be just around the corner! How many times have you gone to a specific establishment just because it’s nearer than a different one? Likely many times! Your potential clients are the same. Paid Search will find these clients and push them towards your doorstep.

Ads your clients will be eager to click

PPC Campaign Strategy

We’ll handle the intricate parts of campaign building. This includes setup, optimization, monitoring, creatives, budgeting, and reporting. PPC Campaigns make sure your link gets clicked, your forms get filled, and your bookings get scheduled.

Offer Creation

Appear in your prospects' most relevant searches. Their search terms reflect where they are in the buying stage. Are they still looking for clinics in the area? Or are they already asking for prices? Discover which words will have the most conversions and rank for them.

High-Converting Copy

Without effective copy, your ads go stale. Tickle your prospect‘s fancy by speaking their language. Craft a message that pulls both their attention and emotions. It’s Google that places you at the top, and it’s your words that usher your prospects to click.

Landing Page Creation

Pull your prospects further down the sales funnel with a landing page. Using the same high-converting copywriting, your landing page will turn one-time visitors into paying clients.

Device Optimization

The majority of us are always on our phones! Surprisingly, most businesses aren’t primed for mobile use. Be the one that sticks out. Your best lead may be googling during their commute to work or while having their lunch. Put your best foot forward across all devices with optimized ads and pages.

Our Approach

We think big-picture. No small move is uncalculated. No ad expense is ever wasted.

Big-picture thinking

Create PPC campaigns that align with your overall goals. Not all objectives are created equal. While you may have a vague idea of what you want, we’ll help you create better objectives that produce bigger returns and long-term benefits.

Result-focused campaigns

We don’t believe in fixed campaigns as every business and every target audience will have different sets of intricacies to deal with. We don’t nitpick on the cost and efficiency of every campaign. We believe that the ultimate measure of great campaigns is their results.

Adapt and Optimize

In conjunction with being result-focused, we pay close attention to our campaign’s analytics. We take into account how agile and fast-paced marketing is. Each time we see a gap to do better, we brainstorm and implement new tactics. A huge part of running our campaigns involves repetitive testing to ensure we get the results you need.

The next time someone views your page, it’s going to be the right person

Frequently Asked Questions

Paid Search/PPC Services

PPC (pay-per-click) is a paid advertising method used to drive traffic to your website. Medical PPC is simply running ad campaigns that are geared towards the healthcare and medical industry.

Nearly 90 percent of healthcare searches are online. PPC instantly puts your services at the front of relevant searches. PPC eliminates the guessing and allows you to target a niche audience that is specifically looking for you.

SEO drives organic traffic to your website by optimizing your web pages, and PPC refers to the ads you pay to put your website at the top of the search result’s page one. 


Consider this. Imagine setting a goal to lose weight. SEO is a lifestyle change and PPC is liposuction. SEO is a long-term sustainable strategy that picks up both machine algorithms and human online habits. Both are ever-changing and require constant monitoring. PPC quickly boosts your website to the top, expanding your exposure and driving potential patients to your website. 


If you want a fast turnaround to your goal, you need PPC. If you’re looking big picture, SEO is the way. Of course, every successful business runs these two side-by-side as both support each other.

We’ll be using Google Ads. Google is the world’s most widely used search engine as it accounts for 78% of desktop and 89% of mobile search traffic (Statista).

The short answer is “Yes!”. Omnicore will not stop until we give you the results you want. With a thoroughly planned campaign, we will get your business seen by internet users who are seeking out your services.

The cost depends on the Cost per Click of your ad – which is usually averaging $3.97 for the Health and Fitness industry, $6.49 for Dental Services, and $3.74 for Beauty and Personal Care (Wordstream).


The above CPC fees will be paid to Google. We will also charge an additional small management fee to set up and run the campaigns for you. Want us to quote you a specific price? Let’s talk!